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May 2015 Newsletter

Warm greetings to all of our parents! Now that the warmer weather has arrived, all of the classrooms have been enjoying their time outdoors. In order to keep all of the children safe we are asking the parents to pass through the parking lot at a very SLOW pace. Please be aware that the infant carriages and wagon will strolling throughout the parking lot.

Special Events and Reminders:

May 2015
  • May Parent Teacher Conferences per classroom (Check with your teacher for designated dates)
  • May 17th @2pm Dance Recital; Hale Middle School (dancers must arrive by 12pm for dress rehearsal)
  • May 25th Kids –A-Lot is CLOSED for Memorial Day
  • June 16th Young Toddler Graduation
  • June 18th Graduation for 2’s, 3’s, and T4’s
  • June 19th Graduation for 4’s and 5’s

As Kids-A-Lot Country Day School embarked on special events planned for the Week of the Young Child, the Center highlighted their original mission of dedication and care for young children. Some of the week’s highlights included…

Our Older Toddlers Highlighted literacy for the Week of the Young Child inviting parents and grandparents alike to come in and read to our children.

Our Older Toddlers Highlighted literacy for the Week of the Young Child inviting parents and grandparents alike to come in and read to our children.

Our Three & T4 Year Old Room challenged the children and parents with a fun, messy, and interactive Science Morning filled with stations of bubbling fun! Many of these activities are ones that the children enjoy on a regular basis as they are classroom favorites for the children. Our adventurous parents enjoyed experimenting in the eyes of a child while enjoying a variety of homemade baked goods and light refreshments.

The Four Year Old Room focused on the topic of nutrition with a Spring Fling featuring edible art projects and healthy nutrition for our families.

The Kindergarten Enrichment Room hosted an Outdoor Art Show with art created by the children of famous artists. Light refreshments were served.

You may be seeing some different faces this month at Kids-A-Lot. Many of our college students will be returning to us to assist us in the upcoming months & summer. Many have been with us over the years and we look forward to their support.

We are proud to announce that Kids-A-Lot has won an award for being one of the top Public Water Systems of 2016. It is something that we are very proud of and will continue to do our best to provide the best water quality for our children.

Dave will be spraying his "all natural" bug spray around the playground this weekend in order to cut down on mosquitos/ticks population. This product is safe for our children & staff it is made from garlic extract.

Our annual Dance Recital will take place on Saturday, May 17th at 2:00pm at the Hale Middle School. Feel free to come join us for this show stopping event! Lets all cheer on a year of fine accomplishment from our dancers.


Maryann , Jennifer, Pam & Staff

April 2015 Newsletter

Welcome Spring! April 21st thru April 25th will be vacation week for the public schools. Kids-A-Lot will be closed on Monday, April 20th for Patriots Day; we will be open for the remainder of the week. We are planning a variety of different activities throughout the week. We are also working on reorganizing the garden in the back of the Preschool Building if anyone is interested in helping. Last year our gardens became a community trading ground with help from parents that brought vegetables from their home garden to share with others as they were left for the taking!

April 2015

Our Professional Development Day was held on March 30th and was a huge success for all of our staff. Our staff was able to re-organize their classrooms as well as participate in workshop presentations related to Mindfulness and Nutrition & Center Issues. After the presentations, our staff were rejuvenated, energized, and are ready to finish off the year! Parent/teacher conferences will be sneaking up on us in May! Please ask your child’s teacher for dates for conference times as time gets closer.

The Week of The Young Child will be held April 13th thru April 17th. Many of the classrooms will be working on special activities for each of the children within their classrooms. Please check with your child’s teachers to see about the activities planned.

Hopping good times!

April 2015

The Easter Bunny was here at the Center to visit on Thursday, April 3rd at 10 am. He was a lively bunny who enjoyed wiggling his ears and playing peek-a-boo. The children were excited & used their “best manners” thanking the bunny for visiting.

Our summer plans are well on there way and we have fun filled weeks planned. Please look for the weekly themes and optional summer programs such as swimming, hip hop, and karate. Some of the highlights include weekly field trips and in-house performances, and summer music program/ camp sing-a-longs. Please remember that these specials have limited space and certain age limitations and other restrictions that may apply.

April 2015

As you may have noticed, children are spending more time outdoors as warmer days are ahead! We are starting to find ticks in the area. Remember to check children each day; it takes a tick about 72 hours before it becomes fully engorged. When a tick is engorged it can transmit Lyme disease. An easy way to remove a tick is to apply dish soap to a paper towel and rub gently counter clockwise until the tick backs out. This removes the entire tick and is painless. It takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute for most ticks to back out.

Wishing you all a Happy Spring Season,

Maryann , Jennifer, Pam & Staff

March 2015 Newsletter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March is finally here… and spring is officially around the corner, or at least we hope! We have a lot of news to catch you up on this month, including past and upcoming events. As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, we’re sure to see some mysterious little creatures lurking in the shadows. Hope you play along with this at home!

March 2015

February was a busy month full of activities & Valentines Day parties and lots & lots of snow storms! Thank you to all of our families who contributed food & treats for the special classroom parties on Valentine’s Day. We are also appreciative of everyone’s patience and understanding with our snow removal process, it has been a lengthy process but the season is almost behind us and we are looking forward to the days of spring clean up! This year will go down in the record books!

Our Center-wide Professional Development Day will be held on Monday, March 30th. Our staff will receive training sessions by Educational Professionals. This year, our workshops will be on focusing on good nutrition, mindfulness; as well as a variety of other tropics.

We are already thinking ahead towards Saturday March 21st when Kids-A-Lot will be sponsoring a concert with the Rhythm Room. This is one of Kids-A-Lots favorite groups! They are interactive educational and fun!! The children always enjoy getting an opportunity to beat away, creating wonderful music. Please consider attending this event all proceeds will benefit the Clover Foundation, the Uganda charity we support. Please see the details on attached flyer on how to purchase advanced tickets online.

Kids-A-Lot will be closed on Monday April 20th in honor of Patriots Day.

Save the date: The Children’s fair for our Community Partnership will be held on Saturday May 2nd from 10-1pm at the Emerson School in Bolton. Kids-A-Lot will be represented, and will host a hands-on animal exhibit hosted by Animal Craze! This fun filled event is sure to offer many other wonderful child friendly activities that will be sponsored by public and private programs within the district.

Our Ballet Recital is scheduled for Sunday May 17th at 11:30am at the Center School. Stay tuned for further details.

Our Summer Camp Program is now in the final stages of planning! We have compiled a fun summer camp that is sure to keep the children busy and interactive throughout the warm filled days!

Have a wonderful month!

Maryann , Jennifer, Pam & Staff

February 2015 Newsletter

February has proved to be a snowy & challenging month for all. We feel very lucky to have Steve Hebert and his crew attending to our needs. They have done a wonderful job of pushing back the piles of snow that keep coming…We ask that everyone continue to be patient during these times allowing one car at a time to pass up/down the hill in order to prevent any unforeseen accidents.

February 2015

For Valentine's Day, the classrooms will be celebrating with parties and valentines cards. Please see your child’s teacher to sign up to bring a treat in for the party. Many of the classrooms have been working on fun Valentine related activities throughout each of the classrooms, look for our bulletin board within the Preschool Building to be decorated with fun photos from the celebrations. Lots of love will be shared throughout the day!

We will be CLOSED on Monday February 16th for Presidents Day. We have prepared a fun week for February Vacation; as part of the celebration for this special week, we will be having a special visit, and hands on demonstration with The Rhythm Room on Tuesday, February 17th. The musicians will be sharing their natural talents for creative drumming and helping each child find their inner rhythm! This special program offering is appropriate for Older, Young Toddler aged children thru Kindergarten Enrichment.

Just a reminder if the Center is closed due to inclement weather or having a delayed opening/ early dismissal, there will be a message on the Center’s phone system by 6:00AM.

If there is a regular message then the Center will be open at the normal time 7:00am. Our goal is to find a balance between remaining open and safe traveling for all children, families & staff. We make every attempt possible to stay open for working families and appreciate all of the support from our families.

Kids-A-Lot is sponsoring a family concert on Saturday March 21st in honor of the Clover Foundation. It’s going to be an interactive, fun event that’s bound to melt your winter blues… tickets are $10.00 per person or $25.00 for a family of three.

The Clover Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide free early childhood education for some of the most impoverished children in the slums of Kampala Uganda. Please shake off these winter hum drums and support a great cause! Stay tuned for more details that will follow on how to purchase tickets.

Please be aware that we are working on enrollment for September 2015, at this point we will be calling outside families to fill open spaces within our enrollment rosters. If you have not sent in your registration and deposit checks please do so as soon possible. As always, please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns for the up coming year.

We would also like to remind you that we will be closed on Monday March 30th for our Annual Professional Development Day. This day is used for staff training in a variety of areas. Please remember to make alternative plans for this day.

Best wishes,

Maryann , Jennifer, Pam & Staff

December 2014 Newsletter

December 2014

December is here, the time is going by so fast! At this special time of the year, we would like to extend our warm wishes for each of the families. If you are interested in coming in and sharing your family traditions with us, please feel free to speak with your child’s teacher to set up a date. We feel that this is a great opportunity and valuable learning experience for the children.

Thank you to all of you who put toys into our Home for Little Wanderers donation box. This is a great cause within the community to donate towards and help to keep the spirit of the Holiday’s alive! We would also like to send out a special thank you to the parents for their donations for the Soldiers in Afghanistan. Together, the Center was able to collect 7 large boxes with many personalized notes that were very heartwarming for the soldiers to receive!

Santa will be here for a visit on Tuesday, December 23rd at 10 AM. He will be visiting all of the classrooms and spreading cheer throughout the Center. If your child does not attend for the day but would like to participate in the event, please feel free to speak to your classroom teacher to come in for the event!

Parent/teacher conferences are now complete. It has been a wonderful experience to have had the chance to meet with all of the families to discuss all of the fun and development that has occurred throughout the first few months of the school year! If you have not made arrangements with your child’s teacher for a conference, please do so as soon as possible. They are a state regulation, so please do not delay.

The weather is quickly getting cold up here on the hill. Please remember to send your child in with all of the proper outdoor clothing (hat, boots, mittens, snow pants, warm coats). Waterproof boots and mittens are the best choice as the children love playing in the snow. In addition, weather appropriate changes of clothing are in need for each of the children’s cubbies. Please remember, even if there is no snow on the ground, the children still wear their outdoor gear as a great protective layer to the colder temperatures.

We have been working collaboratively with Emerson Hospital as they have offered free speech screenings to families whom were interested in this free service. We have worked with Emerson in the past and have found their screenings to be very informative for both parents as well as teachers. Angela O Hara and Jane Zimmerman have completed their screenings and are in the process of compiling the result forms. Emerson hopes to have all the reports completed before the Holiday Closure. There are a few children that have not been screened due to absences on the scheduled visit days but the speech team will be back in January to complete the remainder of children.

Looking forward to January, Emerson Hospital’s OT/PT department will be here to start a new partnership with screenings for fine motor and gross motor development. Kelly LaPuma will be completing all of the screenings on January 9th, 13th, 23rd, and 27th. If you are interested in this free screening, please feel free to complete the permission slip form and return it by Friday, December 19t. If you have any questions about this new program, please feel free to inquire with your classroom teachers or a member of administration.

If you have not viewed our new website, please feel free to check it out! A special thank you to Tim Harrison for doing such a wonderful job in creating the new site. We are truly thankful for his hard work and dedication.

The pothole at the bottom of the hill has been temporarily patched by a professional paving company. Due to the cold temperatures and wear and tear of the paving from the winter, we will have a more permanent solution in the spring. We thank you for your patience as we are working on it.

Our office space has been progressing nicely. We hope to be back in the newly constructed building by the end of January. Look for more updates to come as the time gets closer.

We will be holding re-registration sign-ups for our September 2015 school year once we return in January. Look for registration forms with schedules to be sent home soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Please remember that Kids-A-Lot will close Tuesday, December 23rd at 6:00pm for our winter break. We will re-open Monday, January 5th at 7:00am. We wish each of our families a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Season!

May the joys of the Holidays be with all of you and your families!


Maryann, Jennifer, Pam and Staff

November 2014 Newsletter

October was a whirlwind of a month! The classrooms have been doing many wonderful things such as, hiking, parent breakfasts, and nature hikes! The weather has been beautiful and we have been able to take full advantage of every moment! It is hard to believe the month has already passed and new adventures await us for November!

Extra Programs

Our Ballet Program has begun and the children have been learning basic dance steps with Tricia Marshall. If you have not signed up for dance, but have a child that is interested, they are welcome to do a trial class before signing on for the weekly lessons. Please keep in mind that all dancers must be at least 3 years old and potty trained in order to participate. Keep in mind, there will be a private dance recital in May/ June that will showcase a year of accomplishments in dance! The event is always a show stopper as our tiny dancers perform both tap and ballet numbers for their guests!

November 2014

Our Karate Program is in full swing as well. There is still space within the class if you are interested in this optional Programming! Please remember this session is best suited for children between the ages of 4-5 years old. Free trial classes are offered to children that are interested. Please speak to you classroom teachers for a trial offering.

Our Center-wide Halloween parties and parades were a huge success as all of the children marched through each of the rooms showing off their costumes! Siblings loved visits with their brothers and sisters! Thank you to all of the families for donating snack items to the classrooms to help celebrate the day’s events!

Special Events and Reminders

Please remember that if you are interested in donating your collected Halloween candy for the members of the military, there are donation boxes located at each doorway in each of the classroom buildings. If you are interested in sending in candy with a picture or letter from your child, please feel free to add the note into the zip-lock bag filled with yummy treats! Our collections will run until Friday, November 14th. Thank you for all of your support to all of our troops serving for our protection!

Just a quick reminder that we will be OPEN for Veteran’s Day on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014. Please remember that we will be CLOSED for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th. We hope everyone a happy and safe Holiday with their loved ones!

November is Parent/Teacher conference time throughout the toddler and preschool classrooms. Conferences are extremely important because they give parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss milestones that have been accomplished and to set forth new goals for the upcoming months. Please look for classroom conference sign-up sheets to set a date and time with each of the classrooms. Our goal is to provide each parent with a well-rounded depiction of their child and joys that they offer to the Program.

Please be aware that we will begin our in-house performances now that the colder weather is upon us! For the month of November, we will be having an amazing show with “Lindsey and Her Puppets”. This special performance will be for the toddler and preschool programs.

In December, we will have our Home for Little Wanderers drive. We will be passing out more information about this shortly. Last year everyone was so generous! Together, we can really make a difference for children and their families by providing new toys for children in need!

Happy November!

Maryann , Jennifer, Pam & Staff

October 2014 Newsletter

Welcome into fall! We have been very fortunate to have many beautiful days throughout the months of September & October. Picture Day was very successful as we had beautiful weather and many smiling children. For all families that have ordered pictures, the packages have been handed out. Please take a few moments and fill out our annual photo survey to help us fine tune your experience.

October 2014

We are pleased to announce that all of our Specialty Programs for the Center have started. Music with Jean will occur every Wednesday alternating older and younger classrooms each week. Seasonal songs and children’s favorites are sure to be on the list of songs to sing. Creative Movement with Patty Barr is in full session as the children are enjoying materials that help them learn rhythm and tempo in a fun hands on way.

We are in the process of updating our information for our annual DPH report. Please be sure to return updated physical, immunizations, as this information needs to be reported to the state at the beginning of each school year. If your child has an allergy you will be given an IHCP form please fill it out and return it as soon as possible. Our Health Care Consultant will need to review each allergy form for each child. If your child has an epi-pen please make sure we have a current one on-site at all times.

Special Events and Reminders

On Sunday October 5th, 2014 Kids-A-Lot sponsored a team for Boston’s annual “Making Strides against Breast Cancer” walk. The team raised $1100 for the cause! Many thanks to all of the staff who were supportive of the cause and came out for the day!

Halloween is just around the corner! Please check in with your child’s teacher for party dates and sign-up sheets for refreshments. Please be aware that when bringing goodie bags and snacks for the classroom that each room has specific diet needs and allergies.

Each classroom (young toddlers-kindergarten enrichment) will be planning a parent teacher conference session in November. Keep your eyes out for a sign-up sheet that will be posted inside your child’s classroom. Please feel free to sign up for the most convenient date and time as guided by your classroom teachers.

Be sure to check our bulletin board in the main building. We often have pictures of the children on field trips. We will be updating the board to show special events throughout each month.

Our office space is set for framing towards the end of the month, we appreciate all of the patience with the parking situation.

Enjoy the beautiful month!

Maryann & Jennifer

September 2014 Newsletter

September 2014

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our families old and new! We have just finished our first few weeks into the new school year and the children have all transitioned well. Although we have had a few setbacks with the office, we have tried to maintain regular business operation for all of our children and families. We have been very touched by the outpouring of support and well wishes that all of the families and staff have extended over the past few weeks due to our recent fire.

As we dive deeper into the school year it will be a year of new and first experiences for your children but for many parents as well! Some key points to help support your child throughout these experiences include the following…

  • Set a routine with your child that includes a daily schedule for home and school. Children thrive in a consistent and nurturing environment.
  • Feel free to call and check on your child throughout the day; nap time is the best time to call so that the teaching staff are able to discuss aspects of the day in detail.
  • Always express interest in your child’s daily experiences. Be sure to read and review the monthly calendars with them. Post them on your refrigerator for quick reference.
  • Be sure to check in your child’s classroom for daily notes written on each classroom whiteboard explaining the activities your child participated in during the day. For younger children within the Program, you will receive an individualized daily sheet with the details about their day. By keeping open communication we hope to build a strong foundation for your child and all parents with discussion topics on each aspect of their day.

Extra Programs

Patty Barr, our Creative Movement specialist will return to us every other Thursday starting on September 25th. She is a planning a variety of movement related activities to challenge the children ages 15mo to 5years old. Get ready to scarf and ribbon dance to the tempo!

In addition, Jen Schwartz has returned to sing her way into our hearts every Wednesday morning alternating weeks amongst the younger and older children. Jean’s music program will begin October 1st for the younger children and October 8th for the older children.

Also in the works are our ballet classes taught by Tricia Marshall’s Dance Studio. Ballet will meet every Monday at 245 for the 4’s and 5’s and 315 for the 3’s and T4’s. Please remember that this optional Programming is open to children that are in the Preschool classrooms and are fully potty trained. A separate sign up sheet and class information has been sent out to all age eligible classrooms. Dance shoes are required and children should bring their leotards to school and they will be changed for the dance sessions.

In addition, we have sent out registration forms for Karate. Classes are set for Wednesday afternoons at 3pm beginning October 8th. Please remember this special program offering is appropriate for children that are in the T 4, 4 and 5’s room.

Parent Breakfasts

Parent breakfasts are being planned for the end of the month in September and beginning of October. Please see your child’s classroom teacher for details as it is a great opportunity to spend time within the classroom as well as meet other KAL families. We are also in the process of printing our class directory and will have the packet for review by mid October for all families before we have a completed master for distribution!

Center wide photos are set for Monday Sept. 29th and Tuesday Sept. 30th. We are pleased to announce that Corey Fitzgerald Photography will be returning for another year of school photos. Please note that your child is welcome to attend for the classroom photo even if that is not their regular day of attendance. Sibling sign up sheets are located on the preschool office door for each of the photo dates. If you are planning on attending, please make your child’s teacher aware so that we can make sure we have all children in attendance for each of the group photos. All photos will take place outdoors to capture the true beauty of New England in the fall!

We had to our first field trip of the new school year to Berlin Orchards on September 23rd for all Preschool Rooms. All of the children returned from the trip with exciting stories to share of their first bus ride, the biggest apples they picked, and the fun hay ride that was shared together! It was a beautiful day and great success for all of the children! Our next field trip will be on October 22nd to Animal Adventures in Bolton, Ma. Please mark your calendars and look for the permission slips to be distributed in October!

Each family old and new should have received our revised handbook and forms packet. Please make sure that you complete all forms, sign and date as well as return them as soon as possible. We use there forms for each child’s file, classroom emergency departure authorization, and we need to report the immunizations and physicals for each of the children on a yearly basis to the DPH.

Here’s to a great September and an even better school year!

Maryann, Jennifer and Staff

August 2014 Newsletter